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Our Creative Consulting Approach

Our holistic branding approach changes everything. Big problem, small problem, not sure what the problem is. Or big idea, no ideas, big opportunity or ‘what opportunity?’

Whatever the situation, Iconify Consulting and Creative use a holistic branding approach ensuring there is a brand to a business connection from what we call your Brand Imperatives to your business initiatives, thereby creating integration and synergy for a fully brand-aligned business.

Traditionally, brand building work is done in the marketing silo with business and IT problems being addressed out of sight of where the brand work happens, and with no cross-reference between the two. Where do they meet?

They meet here, at Iconify. Iconify help you translate your brand imperatives into business strategy and to align that strategy with what actually happens on the ground, in your day to day operations, using a holistic approach. At Iconify, brand strategists, transformation and change experts, software development experts, product design gurus, branding black belts and digital transformation specialists can weigh in to help our clients discover or recover their resonant brand.

That’s why we love the phrase ‘end to end’. This process is a journey, a marathon, not a sprint. The mix of skills from our team gives us the edge, energy and inspiration to get to your company journey’s end, successfully.

the whole nine, the whole journey
Diversity for Solutions Excellence

Diversity is at the heart of effective problem solving, innovation and drives our holistic branding approach to achieve integration and synergy between your brand and marketing activities and your business processes and people. It’s the mix of skills, backgrounds, abilities, views and the exponential creativity this begets that makes all the difference that you are going to need.

And size doesn’t matter to us – big companies and really small companies who want the expertise and the diversity we can leverage to solve your problems creatively and comprehensively are welcome to benefit from our holistic approach. Connect with us today! 02081919008

For the integration and synergy of brand and business

The whole nine, the whole journey – we tell you truth and we solve the real problems, holistically.

Solutions Excellence

Requirements for solutions must be clear across the board with collaboration across your business.


Constructive listening and extensive experience help us to understand your business provide advice, insights and options.


We preach but we practice too and have access to the brightest minds and the specialist experience that you need.


We pride ourselves on working under strict controls and with proven methodologies for excellence and validation.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make our clients’ businesses better by improving their brand perception, position and power through improved processes work and empowered, engaged people who are primary ambassadors of the brand.

We want to build new exciting brands of the future that will catapult our ambitious clients’ offerings to enduring brand love and loyalty. We want to produce outputs that give our clients a definitive and distinctive edge through a holistic branding approach. We exist to nurture brands into authenticity and resonance and the journey to be iconic in their fields. We do this by focusing on brand purpose-led business architecture and business operating models.

What do we mean by ‘holistic branding approach?’ It means we:

– partner with you to uncover your target customers’ underlying emotive, psychological and lifestyle imperatives, needs and motivations.

– translate those into facets of your brand’s story and map them to the most critical parts of your company’s operations from a non-functional, customer perspective, translating the insights gained into better processes, improved and innovative technology and elevated brand outlook.

We make your brand resonate

We’re on a mission to bring diversity, fun and difference to creative brand consulting. We want to be an inclusive company working across a spectrum of sectors and business with as diverse a team as we can take on because we have no doubt that brilliance and differentiation will consistently come from heterogeneity, new perspectives and mixed teams.

Our systems thinking, wide-ranging training and breadth of exposures to different industries and projects will deliver uncommon flair and flavour to our clients. We want you to come if you love difference, come if you want people that are unafraid to look through different lenses, push the boundaries and be open. Come if you are want to work with a business that is completely different from everyone else out there, purposefully and intentionally because diverse teams are proven to be the most effective. We are different by design. It’s 0208 191 9008 to see how different.

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