Building a Resonant Brand is Building a Powerful and Sustainable Brand

Our strategic brand consultants describe resonant brands as brands that ‘are configured for capability and designed to deliver on the brand promise, building brand power through brand visibility strategies to gain love and loyalty’.  This is what we are on a mission to help you create.

Your brand is a promise and how well you keep your brand promise determines whether yours is a resonant brand and the right strategic brand consultants should devise brand equity strategies that incorporate your brand personality with brand visibility strategies that will be instrumental in getting brand love and loyalty.

Resonant brands will grow and eclipse their rivals. Your brand promise is a position in the marketplace, much like a territory. What you represent in the market to people that you want to influence and move, is attributable to how accurately, acutely and completely you can appeal to that target market. What brand visibility strategies should be employed? How compelling can you make your message? How well can you enable customers to believe you can give them what they want and how well will you deliver on that?

If you’re looking for somebody to help you create your brand beyond just the visual, you need more than just a brand designer. Strategic brand consultants like Iconify will provide coverage across all touchpoints for brand building. Our objective is to iconify your brand, promote what you stand for and enhance your place in the market to make your brand resonant because iconic brands are resonant brands, who rule their territory.

everything your business does
Constitution of Resonant Brands

Resonant brands do not spring fully formed from a great idea and colourful branding. Those are just never sufficient to get brand love and loyalty and of course, power. They are the result of focused brand strategy work by strategic brand consultants, continuous business improvement with optimised technology and tight alignment of all that happens at the front end through staff interaction with customers and customer experience. Brand resonance and the resultant building of brand power is a result of an end to end cycle of operations and brand interaction with its audience and how change is managed in the organisation.

  • Brand Aligned Business Strategy
  • Brand Communications
  • Optimised Operations
  • Branding
  • IT, Software and Digital
  • Engaged Employees
  • Innovation
  • PR and Risk Readiness
  • Brand Strategy

Brand Building and the Heart of Your Business

At the heart of brand building is the requirement to integrate and synthesise brand strategy  – positioning, purpose, principles to create an authentic and resonant entity. Getting this right is the blueprint for building brand power. 

With our strategic brand consultancy, new brand creation or refresh is at your fingertips for a holistic and strategic brand that can capture brand love and loyalty and shore up brand equity. For a sustainable brand, we focus on the business as well as the brand, aligning both brand and business strategy.

A brand building process is going to be one of the most important things that a company can undertake in the competitive stakes, and will be increasingly important in the coming years, so any effective brand building process will need to incorporate shrewd brand visibility strategies.


Resonant Brand 101 - Stand out for beauty, brilliance and boldness. With brand visibility strategies, build brand power with the help of our strategic brand consultants, and get love and loyalty.What Does It Mean to Build a Brand?

As strategic brand consultants, you can trust us when we say, it’s really not just about brand logos. No matter how beautiful your brand logo is, it is not sufficient to differentiate you or by itself function as a brand visibility strategy that will get your business where it needs to go. The brand is important for moving forward to increase brand awareness and visibility. The importance of brand visibility strategies and differentiation techniques cannot be overstated.


Quick Brand 101

Your brand is the sum total of everything your business stands for, does or doesn’t do and the position you occupy in the minds of people who know of you. It’s the qualities they associate you with and. this has nothing to with the features of your product or service but primarily with how your product/service makes them feel. The power lies in the fact that it can command a premium for your product or service. The sum total of your brand contributes to your brand reputation, your Brand equity and the power of your brand.

Consistency of communications, customer experience and service are critical to customer perception. It takes time and strategy to build a brand and that’s why long-range vision and endurance are so important. With the right planning and preparation, customer engagement can be increased and enhanced to improve advocacy and sales.

Resonant Brand Attributes – How we codify Resonance at Iconify


Brand building

Brand building is the process of developing the shape of your business’s brand through discovery on what your purpose, positioning and principles are with the aim of positioning your business in the market and in the perception of your customer and building awareness on that basis. Differentiation is critical to that process but digital marketing – SEO, SMM, Email Marketing and PPC have changed the game. As useful as these advances are, without the relevant brand discovery, development and strategy process, these processes will not deliver the desired outcomes. They are valuable adjuncts to formal and fundamental foregoing. With the work done properly, which with us your strategic brand consultants, it will be, building awareness can help enormously to garner brand awareness and visibility. Give us a call today.

resonant brands go beyond approval and take up residence in the hearts, minds and imaginations of your prospective customers, so it's important to adopt a strategic branding approach.

Brand Visibility Strategies

From a brand asset perspective, a recognisable, well regarded and even loved brand is the diamond standard and is irreplaceable as a guarantee of the brand promise, quality and calibrated expectations.

Brand visibility strategies are critical to small businesses or startups and businesses just starting out, particularly in a crowded field simply because their offers do not register if they blend into the prevailing homogeneity. Brand visibility strategies are key for such businesses.

Small to mid-size businesses are frequently competing with bigger brands who have bigger budgets to spend on advertising to entrench their position and supremacy so smaller rivals must build up a strong brand personality and awareness in order to keep competing, even if their target audiences differ somewhat because brand recognisability also means that people prefer them as a substitute, even when the first choice was for another brand. Brand differentiation is critical to and drives brand awareness, which is the first stage of building brand power.

Get Brand Love and Loyalty

Resonance is associated with an intrinsic pull or force which is foundational to building brand power. The idea of resonant brands derives from Keller’s brand resonance building block that suggests that resonance is the strength of a customer’s psychological engagement with the brand and the steps to how this is formed. Performing these steps lead to differentiating, brand resonance and gaining brand power. Remember, resonant brands are the ones that garner brand love and loyalty.

We believe that resonance is brand power, that sustaining resonance is about preparedness and dynamism, and the constant polishing and promotion of the most effective parts of your business. Adverse events can cause some resonance to be lost but as strategic brand consultants who also consider risk and readiness, we are uniquely able to help you prepare for such eventualities and also pinpoint opportunities for readiness and improvement so that your resonant brand can keep on shining.

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