Finding and Recovering Resonance
Purpose Driven Consulting

Change Management Strategy Consulting Services

Managing change effectively is critical for your business so Iconify provide change consulting services and change management strategy advisory for business transformation projects to help you strategise, plan and implement change. With tailored and structured processes we help meet the business case for change and consider your people and culture as central parts of the process.

Hybrid Capabilities

Iconify is a hybrid business transformation and branding creative agency because building a resonant brand is a multifaceted process. Iconify Consulting help clients create and recover brand resonance through brand strategy and transformation. We provide assistance in optimising the business processes that deliver your offering and the technology that powers your business and its operations. Finally and critically, we help to manage the training and enhancement of the skills of the people and processes side of change.

Developing innovative technology and bespoke business tools, we know we need to ready your organisation to use the new system and take full advantage of its benefits from day one, and so we implement innovative Target Operating Models that are aligned with the business strategy, as well brand purpose, values and identity.


Managing change effectively, offering business transformation consultancy. Making sense of the creative consulting gap and changing the brand equity game through building capability as well as visibility using change consulting services

Customer Experience and Engagement

We believe that CX is the ultimate driver of brand power and sustainability and that the quality, resilience and responsiveness of your operations determine how great your CX can be. We believe that your staff are your closest customers and that whatever you can do to empower them to do their work better and the best for your business is a priority, and that’s why your operations matter. We believe we are unique in looking at your brand and business holistically and we do not stop at what is skin deep. We have seen transformation programmes that never refer to or consider the brand’s purpose, values and ideals and we decided to find a transformation process that bakes that all in.

Integrated Transformation

Connect with Iconify Consulting to discuss your aspirations, your plans and challenges. We will put together a roadmap to build the capability, a positioning strategy to drive your communications or help you identify weaknesses in your current or proposed business model and we will do that, all with your brand’s health in mind. Getting these critical things right, and taking a long term view, iconifies your brand.

We provide innovation consulting and guide leaders through Digital Transformation , key in the digital era to take a business to the top and keep it there, but there is a lot to think about. We want to help clients understand how best to improve existing technology platforms to enhance processes and reach out to customers at every stage in the buying and consumption process.

Brand Strategy Development


Business Transformation


Risk Management & Architecture


Transformation & Brand Assurance




CX Remodel


Change Consulting Services

Iconify provides brand strategy led change consulting services for enhanced growth, brand equity & customer experience.

Business Change Consultancy

Like many organizations at any one time, your business may be going through some changes or considering a change program and if you want to increase your chances of a successful implementation, you need change consultants that can guide your people through the processes end to end.

We have experienced change specialists with real insights as to what makes change delivery thrive and what stalls it and the benefits of partnering with us as your business change consultancy include business case and strategy development, project management and implementation and experience of managing high profile global projects,

Managing change effectively

In order to manage change effectively for your organisation, there are a number of integral processes we engage with you and your staff on, developing a change management strategy based on your business case and benefits realisation roadmap. We establish critical governance structures to support the change initiative, operational readiness and implementation through a Project Management Office and business transition capability to enable communications and management of various stakeholders plus the risks and issues of the change program.


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