Engaging the position
Marketing Campaigns that go deeper

Your marketing campaigns have got to resonate. It has to make sense and it has to be targeted through a range of media with a sequence of messaging that gives your offering the best and multiple shots at success. It’s a key pillar of positioning and brand differentiation.
To put together the marketing campaigns that your business deserves, we start at the start, determining what you need as well as what you want and how to design a campaign of resonance that is responsive. We start with your business strategy and objectives and with stringent processes, creative team work and planning, we work with you to create a structured project that can deliver successful marketing campaigns.

As a new, small or mid size business, you may not want to spend to spend astronomical amounts, but whatever you spend, you will want to ensure that your investment is not misplaced and your marketing campaigns are effective and extensible. Iconify can help you create targeted and memorable multi-layered media marketing campaigns.

Businesses need Marketing campaigns for communicating and engaging with their target market to gain customers and to influence and convert them and then make them advocates. They help implement positioning strategy and are key to creating brand awareness, visibility and power, where it can help you own a position. Iconify can help you create your story and proliferate through all relevant media to reach your target segment in an overcommunicated marketplace.


Campaigns that cONQUER
Building Brand Engagement
Successful marketing campaigns need not be the most expensive, but must be the most thoughtful. They should be thought provoking, create authenticity and generate interest and desire. They should ideally enable participation. “Authenticity” has been growing as a marketing buzzword, and businesses are paying attention. Social media has been a pivotal platform to enable this, allowing real time  participation of customers and interested parties. Let’s help you explore how social media can be leveraged to access and influence your target segment without  making them feel they are being sold to .
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